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This week I will be reviewing a shower gel many of us have come across at Superdrug (UK drugstore), by the till, in their gift section or bath aisle. The Fruity Soap collection.


I picked up this product’s gift set during the Christmas sale as it was a great opportunity to try out all their fruity scents. I have always been a big fan of fruity scented shower gels and soaps and on this occasion Superdrug have displayed a wide range of options. All of their shower gels are infused with natural fruit extracts, contain no soap and to top it off the packaging is recyclable!

This gift set range covered 5 scents, Strawberry & Raspberry, Coconut, Cherry & Almond, Lime & Ginger and Orange & Satsuma. This included body butter, body scrub and shower gel, each product in 100ml packaging. I grabbed this great bargain for £7.99, which leaves the average price per product down to £0.54p! (Doesn’t get any better than that!)

So first off, each scent has a visible attractive colour which really does give you the urge to pick it off the shelf. However I must say this was my first time coming across the body butter. It is not actively sold in stores so I treated it as a limited edition.

Shower Gel

The shower gel had a rich concentrated smell which meant right away you knew which fruits you were dealing with. Most of the scents lathered well in the shower and only needed a generous amount. Once in the shower you’re surrounded by a strong fruity aroma. However I was disappointed in the Lime and Ginger, this in my opinion had a strong tangy smell, whereby I couldn’t smell the ginger. I didn’t find this drying out my skin nor adding any extra moisture. If you’re like me you’ll find yourself easily getting tired of the concentrated smells everyday and perhaps reaching out for them not so frequently.

My overall rankings?



The scrubs in this range were not anything out of the ordinary, once again all reflecting a similar packaging to the shower gels, the scrubs could’ve contained more exfoliating beads, the coconut scent was the most disappointing as the scent was much milder. These scrubs are not sold individually in stores but can be found in gift sets.

My overal rankings?


Body Butter

I must say the body butter very much impressed me, it had a lighter formula compared to most body butters on the market but not too runny.  I felt the moisture on my skin and definitely on my finger tips after creaming. However it did not feel as if the product fully penetrated into my skin but almost sat on top, if you’re someone with dry skin this product will not do much justice for you. I personally felt there was almost too much grease in the formula. All the body butters had a concentrated smell, which may not be ideal for everyday use but on occasions and holidays.

My overall rankings?


Brandy Thinks?

Considering the price of this range, Superdrug have really pulled through providing their customers with the fruity aromatic products. I must say the Strawberry & Raspberry came up on top out of all the scents. The quality of the product is reflected in the price but if you are a big lover of fruity and zesty smells and not looking to spent much on the luxury end this is the product for you. It would be great to see Superdrug launch the body butter and scrub as regular items on their shelves in the future.

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