Radox Shower Mousse?

Feel – Shower and Shave

Yes you read correctly… SHOWER MOUSSE! Who would’ve thought it would be a thing? Radox have released an additional three products to their their “Feel” range, aimed to give you the pleasure of having a soap and a shaving foam all in one.

This product is ideal for your morning routine or just before a night out! The price of this range is £2.50 per item (200ml) – However I found it in Wilko for £1.50 each (Link at the bottom). Currently this range is not being sold in UK drug stores but can be found in Tescos, Asda or Wilko.

“Each product is infused with more than one fragrance aimed to create an aroma to awaken your senses and instantly recharged after every shower.”

SHOWER + SHAVE? I gave it a go and was instantly impressed by the first pump! The packaging comes in a aluminium cylinder and is 100% recyclable . I gave it a good shake before using, and each pump provides a generous amount of the white mousse, so lightweight and fluffy you almost get tempted to pump more for fun (LOL the kid in me).  I tried the product for both shaving and showering purposes. In terms of shaving, the foam stuck to my legs pretty well and was easy to shave off and rinse. Did my legs feel refreshed? Yes. In terms of showering I didn’t leave my bathroom feeling”energised” or with a “boost of energy” as they have advertised.


The aromatic scent that surrounded my shower when using the Mango & Mandarin was amazing. Not too potent and very refreshing. It would have been great to see the mousse have a slight orange tint to reflect the colour of the packaging. The mousse lathers fantastically well, however an excessive amount of mousse needed to be applied to have a good long scrub under the shower.



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Blood Orange and Ginger, what a combination right? This scent was not as aromatic as “Feel Bright”. The Feel Vibrant needed that extra kick which I could barely smell, I was only able to distinguish the Blood Orange scent which was disappointing. The disadvantage of the airtight packaging means there is no real way of knowing how the mousse smells unless you purchase it.




Last of the three… “Feel Vivacious!” Oooo what a name! It almost sounds a bit sassy. This product is mixed with Apple Blossom and Cranberry. Now I actually didn’t know what apple blossom was supposed to smell like, and once again the disadvantage of not knowing how the product smells  like until you use it under the shower. I loved the flowery light fragrance it gave off and would definitely purchase it as a shower gel version.


Brandy Thinks?

Radox has released something different on the market against their competitors Imperial Leather’s “Foam Burst” (Don’t worry I will be reviewing this soon!). Having the full experience of this range, the “Feel Bright” will stay on top of my list.  However I would say it may not be ideal for daily washes or long showers but definitely for shaving days. If you are someone who’s wants to try something new I’d suggest this product. Radox need to review providing this range in UK leading Drug stores such as Superdrug and Boots. I had a very hard time getting my hands on all 3, but Wilko saved the day with their free click and collect!

There is no shelf life indication on the packaging, nor does it illustrate whether it is vegan friendly or free from animal testing. Providing this information would be a great help.

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