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Stimulate Your Senses 

Is it just me or did anyone know Iris was also the name of a scent and not just a name for the part of the eye? Well then, I guess Palmolive educated me! They have released their limited edition shower gels however theres not quiet a name for it, but it appears the aim is to “Stimulate your senses.”


Both products are infused with gentle not-so-ordinary fragrances aimed to awaken your skin. Walking past this in my local drugstore it was pretty hard to ignore. Palmolive labelling is usually bright coloured and simple but the dark contrast and floral pattern on these two really caught my eye. I purchased them for £1.00 each (Link at the bottom) at Superdrug (RRP is currently £2.19). The product comes in a 250ml bottle and is 100% recyclable.


I’ve never come across Poppy fragrance on it own, let alone as a shower gel. The So Tempting really gives it away with the name. Having no expectation, the fragrance has a wonderful flowery warm scent. Not too strong and definitely a go to for a morning shower or alternatively an evening bath soak with candles. The gel is light and transparent with a red berry pigment. It lathered very well and for a bottle size of 250ml it will definitely take a while to finish. My review;



The “Be Sensual” shower gel is infused with Iris, I would say its pretty difficult to describe the smell of this product. It has a much lighter masked flowery smell than the “So tempting”. The shower gel has a dark blue transparent pigment and leaves the skin feeling silky and refreshed. The Be Sensual also lathered very well but in the shower the fragrance wears off slightly quicker than “So Tempting”. If you are not a big fan of strong flowery fragrances this is definitely for you. My Review;



It’s been a while since Palmolive launched something new and the “Stimulate Your Senses” has been a good choice of product. The unique selling point of using not so common fragrances gives me that opportunity to have something different in my bathroom cupboard. The quality of the product is great and grabbing it for £1.00 is really the cherry on top! My skin did not feel dry but refreshed. I personally preferred the “So Tempting” than the “Be Sensual” and hope Palmolive continue this range for a little while longer. Using this product for a bath soak in the evening after a long day is definitely recommended. Unfortunately there is no indication that it is animal cruelty free or vegan friendly. Overall Review.


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Superdrug : Be Sensual

Superdrug : So Tempting

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