Not Too Hot Not Too cold!

41 Degrees Celsius vs Your Epidermis 

46 Degrees Celsius is the temperature I discovered I’ve been cooking my skin in in the shower everyday.  Its kinda funny because the one thing I make sure is I don’t over cook is my chicken! Yet here I am, over cooking my own skin- such a guilty pleasure!

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We all know that indescribable feeling of entering a hot shower, so relaxing and therapeutic. I often find my showers as my mini thinking pods the very rare moment I can detach myself from reality surrounded in clouds of steam. But its the same way I loose track of time, a quick shower can turn into a 30 minutes steam session. Now how often do you get in and slowly bump up the heat and before you know it you’re covered in steam? During the winter season a hot shower is my best friend, but can also be damaging and slowly scorching the epidermis – First/Outer layer of skin.

“Most doctors advise keeping the temperature under 105 degrees (41 degrees Celsius). You want to go for tepid or lukewarm temperatures to ensure your skin doesn’t lose any moisture and to avoid causing any damage to your skin’s acid mantle.” – Dr Sejal Shah

Any indication of dry skin, whether we can see it under the naked eye or not, we often blame the soap products or lack of moisturising. However over heating the skin can cause damaging traces. Noticing your skin looking red or flushed is a telling sign that the temperature is probably too high. People of colour also take note as the heat can produce the same consequential damage. The redness may not be as apparent initially but noticing your skin tightening up and becoming dryer than usual is an indication to turn down the knob!

Hot showers can cause;

  • Eczema
  • Fading hair dye
  • Stripped Natural oils
  • Damage Acid Mantle
  • Dry Skin
  • Psoriasis

However hot showers still have their benefits (not too hot remember!);

  • Opens pores
  • Treat muscular and Joint pain
  • Relieves coughs

But I get it lukewarm water isn’t most peoples ideal preference after a long day, or for a morning wash. But finding the right balance is key, and ensuring you moisturise straight after.  So next time you’re in the shower  using your artistic skills of adjusting the shower knob to get the right temperature, just think twice before pumping up the heat!


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