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Bath & Body – Opulent Petal 

Ted Baker selling body products? Really? Well I guess theres a first time for everything! With Christmas finally coming to an end and valentines day slowly approaching Ted Baker have continued to fill the shelves with their body and bath products.


I would definitely consider these products to be luxury body care, with the eye catching packaging and colour coordinated pieces you’ll certainly find yourself picking up more than one product. Their extensive bath and body range include, body scrubs, body lotion, bubble bath formula, body shimmer soufflé, shower cream, body wash, body spray and lip balm. They come in three different scents; Blush Pink, Opulent Petal and Pretty Pearl.

I only picked up three pieces;

  • Body Shimmer Soufflé – Opulent Petal (£11.00, 300ml)
  • Shower Cream – Opulent Petal (£8.00, 250ml)
  • Bubble Bath – Pretty Pearl (£12.00, 400ml)

Boots are currently doing a 3 for 2 offer (Link at the bottom). The RRP per product is on the expensive end of the spectrum but acknowledging Ted Baker is a luxury brand there is no point in complaining. There is nothing to indicate whether their products are vegan friendly or animal cruelty free, but they are 100% recyclable.

Bath Bubbles – Pretty Pearl

This big glass bottle really is a fancy piece. 400ml is a hefty amount for a bubble bath product and for the amount I paid I was glad. As instructed I poured this under a running bath and to be honest, the the fragrance was soft and flowery almost smelt a bit like roses. However for £11.00 there wasn’t anything extraordinary about it, the water was soapy with plenty of bubbles, I had to pour a extensive amount and I don’t recall the bubbles last any longer. Considering cheaper brands are providing the same level of quality, I guess I know what I will reach for in the future. However on days where you want a nice light fragrance bath with some candles go for it.  My Review


Shower Cream – Opulent Petal

 TED BAKER 4.jpg

Okay, so it was my first time ever hearing about “Shower Cream”. In a nutshell it is a cream you apply on to wet skin, and shower off. I had hoped that my skin would come out the shower all moisturised and even looking shimmery. But I was heavily  disappointed, it added no moisture or value to my skin.  The scent of the cream is warm and flowery but doesn’t remain for too long once out the shower. For £8.00 (250ml) I personally don’t see the value in money. My Review


Body Shimmer Soufflé – Opulent Petal

The packaging and name of this product without fail caught my attention. Soufflé? A light and spongy baked dish… and I get it, it’s pretty much a light and flattering body cream. Having an identical scent to the shower cream, this light flowery fragrance moisturised my skin very well. Only a small amount was needed to really give my body a good cream, the formula is light and not tacky. The shimmer in this cream is hard to ignore and I absolutely love it! This product left me shimmering from head to toe and lasted all day. This product will be great for a special nights out and my holidays under the sun. For £11.00 I think this was value for money. My Review


Brandy Thinks?

I must say, I had very high expectations for Ted Baker bath range, especially given the fact I had never tried their body products before. I assumed with the great looking packaging they would contain some awesome products. From these three alone I haven’t been too impressed. It is hard to make a judgement, but in terms of their shower and bath products I believe their value doesn’t match up to the price. However the Body Shimmer Soufflé really won me over, and I would consider lotion or fragrance products from them in the future. I wouldn’t include their products in my skin regime, but ideally stick to purchasing their body products in mini gift set ranges. Overall my review;


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