Ma’am What Is A Vegan Product?

100% Vegan Friendly 

If someone said to me 10 years ago veganism would be plastered everywhere in 2018 I would have said “you’re lying!”. Growing up and learning about nutrition, different diets and religion there was hardly an elaboration of veganism. Simply just “…people eat meat and but people eat vegetables end of!”


Over the past 18 months without fail we’ve all seen the trend in adopting veganism explode. Living in a society who are super conscious of the notion “you are what you eat” it has become apparent that if ones core values are choosing not to eat animal related products, it also means do not use.

As simple as it sounds, it’s still pretty complex. With many cosmetics and toiletries brands frantically trying to adjust to the changing market and retain their customer base. It hasn’t proven to be easy, with something that was once a niche market, has now expanded quicker than anyone could have anticipated. Walking down Baker Street on  Monday morning, a huge brand poster by Elemis illustrating “100% VEGAN FREE” it’s now clear that some brands are opting to cash in with this big market opportunity.

But I still don’t get it… 

It’s crazy to think the amount of bath and skin products that actually contain non vegan ingredients. It wasn’t until I began blogging that I noticed many of my reviews unintentionally weren’t vegan friendly but…. Yes BIG BUT! They were 100% animal cruelty free. It almost sounds like theres a catch! So differentiating between animal cruelty free and what vegan free is very important, but also understanding brands will not test on animals but use animal contained ingredients in their products.

What is Vegan Free

A vegan free product does not contain or use animal related ingredients. Now, as convenient as it could be, it isn’t easy to remove this from any bath or body product. At the end of the day everyone wants to buy a product that looks good and smells good. Milk, eggs and honey are all products you may have not noticed are in many cosmetic and body products and aren’t vegan friendly. Just to name a few;

Cochinea: This bug is used to provide many food and body products with an artificial colouring or dye in the colour red.

Animal Fat: Many soap related products contain animal fat, which is a byproduct from the meatpacking industry. Many brands will not specify this in their ingredients clearly and may refer to it as Sodium Tallowate.

Hyaluornic Acid: You would be surprised where this one comes from, despite being known for adding great moisturise to our hair and skin products, it usually originates from an umbilical cord or the synovial fluid in the joints of animals.



Animal cruelty free

This is testing cosmetics or related products without the use of animals. The entire purpose for testing cosmetics products is to determine the hypoallergenic properties in the product before it is manufactured and sold for human use, or consumption. Now once a brand or product is 100% animal cruelty free, they will state it on their packaging with the correct label. So don’t fall for the “but they didn’t tell me it wasn’t…” For vegans and vegetarians it is vitally important to ensure animals are not killed or hurt during any process. But with many brands still not transitioning due to the difficulties that may arise with attempting to create innovative products carries too much “risk” to test on humans, as well as the additional costs.

Brandy Thinks

Overall this once niche market has clearly disrupted the cosmetics industry, and with a handful of brands stating their products are 100% animal cruelty free it doesn’t determine that it is also vegan friendly. Not being vegan myself I can easily understand the difficulties that arise with filtering all the products they use, from eating to skin care. I predict in the next 18 months some brands may adjust with others not interested in paying out the cost to replace non vegan ingredients in their products. My vegan friendly body and bath haul is soon on it’s way so subscribe! 🙂


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