Heatwave Or Heatwave?

Don’t Sweat it Just Wash it!

Like many of you, as I sit here typing this blog. I am uncomfortable, hot, sticky and worst of all fed up! But with summer arriving in 6th gear, with no signs of slowing down, I’ve been forced to blog again!

*Inserts big wave*

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Despite not being a summer baby, its always been my favourite season of the year, and as the body and skin product junkie that I am, its also the most exiting time of the year to try new products and smell G O R G E O U S ! Considering the fact that 78% of Londoners on the tube wont smell just as great, personal hygiene couldn’t be more of a priority! So without any further ado here are my quick tips and suggestion to have you feeling fresh and great during this heatwave.

1.Travel Size Toiletries.

Now we’ve all seen them at our local drug store, and probably only pay them much attention when were about to jet away and desperately need 100ml items. However in the mist of the heatwave these products can be 100000% useful! Stores such as Superdrug and Boots are usually have a 3 for 2 offer. Pick up a mini deodorant spray can, antibacterial wipes and even some body spray and it all won’t set you back even a fiver!

2. Deodorant Trail and Error

As much as the swanky TV adverts convince us their products are the best “No white patches” or “24 hour protection” everyone is different! With over 100 deodorant types on our drugstore aisles it can be very hard to determine which works for you! Spray or Roll on? Scented or unscented. I personally recommend having a spray on for “on the go”, and a roll on at home. So far “Sure – Cotton Dry” has worked wonders for me, always carrying a mini version in my handbag. Sometimes one application of deodorant isn’t enough for the entire day and thats OK! It’s nothing to be ashamed off but it’s important to acknowledge how your body works and lastly to avoid carrying an odour

3. Sunscreen 

I’ve come across many people over the last few weeks who do not wear sunscreen, and I’m not just talking about black people! The importance of protecting your skin from the UV light is very critical. You can keep a close eye on the UV levels in your current area (those living in the UK) by checking out this website.

Met Office – UV Index Forecast

A UV level that exceeds 6+ indicate you should avoid sitting in the sun for a long period of time and have sunscreen on! Despite many of us getting a great dose of Vitamin D and being in a great mood, it comes with many risk, such as the acceleration of skin aging and the promotion of skin cancers. Check out next weeks blog where I break down sunscreen SPF’s and the do and don’ts!


4. Bath, Shower, Just be Clean!

Thats right! The title is pretty straight forward, theres no better way than keeping fresh than a good old bath or shower. In this heat I particularly prefer a nice cool shower, and avoid showering with products that will strip my skin of moisture. Currently this week I have been using Sanex, and for someone who love scents and potent shower gels, I’ve come to appreciate the other side of life, LOL! Now if you aren’t currently in the habit of showering daily, I strongly recommend you give it a go, and to be honest I’d go as far as to suggest you shower twice a day (trust me guys you’ll be surprised how many people don’t!). After this use a light moisture to leave your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

5. Make Up Removal

If you face can withstand the heat with a full beat of make up, kudos! However it is important to let your skin breath. This time of the year our sweat glands are doing over time! Constantly producing sweat to cool down the body, and this isn’t just the armpit! Wearing make up for long hours in the sun, not only blogs up your pores but if you aren’t wearing any SPF you’re are not being protected by the UV rays. I have dark marks on my face and sitting in the sun all day, makes it 10x harder to give them time fade away. My current end of day routine is, baby wipes x 3, make up removing soap – Olay, Tea Tree soap, followed by Pixi Glow Tonic, Glycerin and Rosewater toner, and lastly vitamin E night cream. It may sound very lengthy but hydrating your skin, provides it time to repair itself, especially during the night.

5. H20 

Lastly, stay hydrated! Health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters. Now if that sounds impossible to you, try purchasing a 2ltr water bottle. Places such as Amazon, Boots, Tesco and even Primark have them stocked on their shelves. By having a goal every hour, before you know you’ve reached the bottom of the barrel. You’ll also save yourself a few pound sterlings a week by refilling them for free! Drinking water helps replenish the fluids lost by excessive sweating. I’ve also noticed my increase intake of water has also helped my skin! If you don’t get enough water, you may become dehydrated, and this can relate to serious heat related illnesses. I’m sure many of us Londoners know getting on the underground equivalent to a turkey facing the oven on Christmas day, so lets be sensible and “DRINK MORE WATER!”

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I hope these quick tips save a life! 

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