The Body Shop Is Going Bananas!

B – A – N – A – N – A – S

The Body Shop has finally extended their banana scent range to body care and we are all here for it! Now a lot of people will think I’m actually going banana’s for being so excited over a new scent range, and the answer is yes! Now the same way everyone has their favourite fruit smell… (Confession time) mine has always been bananas! So it’s great to see this special edition launched in the mist of summer.


Their range covers hair care products such as hair shampoo, hair condition and a hair mask. Whilst their body care range covers, shower cream, body butter and something new… Body Yoghurt! The one thing I do love and appreciate about this range is that all of the products are;

  • Enriched with Community Trade banana puree from Ecuador
  • 100% vegan
  • Community Trade organic almond milk from Spain (Body Yoghurt only*)
  • Made with bananas of all shapes and sizes that won’t sell in the food industry

The packaging looks fun, and definitely something I would want to pack in my holiday suitcase! There is a mini pack option called the “Banana Pop Special Edition Treats Pouch” which can be only be found in stores for £20.00, but does not include the Body Yoghurt. Other than tasting and smelling delicious banana’s have many benefits to our skin! Packed with potassium and vitamin E and C, this promotes clear glowing skin and retains moisture.


I’m already a big fan of The Body Shop’s shower products for it’s quality. The Banana shower cream lathers up very well, with a light creamy scent of bananas, that smells so good I actually want to eat it! For £5.00 (But £6.00 online) the 250ml bottle will definitely cover you for a good amount of time. Being both fair-trade and vegan I know my money is going towards a good cause. The shower gel doesn’t mak my skin feel dry and stripped from oils, but refreshed! I only see myself using this shower cream scent in the summer for everyday use. Highly recommended




Now, this was my first time coming across a “Body Yoghurt”, and to be honest I wasn’t going to pay any attention to it. However when explained I wondered why I hadn’t come across this sooner! The lightweight formula absorbs very well into my skin. The website does state “Up to 48 hours of light weight moisture” but I do shower twice a day so this was very hard to actually monitor. Applying on to damp skin worked just as well as dry and popping on jeans straight after there was no resistance. The banana smell reminds me of the Haribos banana sweets, and the formula has no sticky or tacky feel to it, just very rich, light and creamy. I wouldn’t recommend this product to those with dry skin. I hope The Body Shop extend this product to a bigger jar soon! 200ML, £8.50. Highly recommend 5/5




“The Body Shop’s body butter doesn’t fail!” Tell this to your neighbour! This product is very similar to the body yoghurt but much more dense, and provides a richer moisture. The body butter has an identical scent to the body yoghurt. Between this and the Body Yoghurt I found myself grabbing the body butter on days where I know I need deep moisture. The formula is non sticky or tacky and the scent lasts! 200ML, £15.00 and 50ML, £5.00. Highly recommend 5/5

Trying to pretend I’m not a crazy banana fruit fan is hard! But if you know anyone who loves body shop and sweet things, I 100% recommend this as a gift. If you are off to holiday soon, or in the mood to try something new this makes the perfect feel good product selection. I appreciate the efforts taken to ensure the range is both 100% vegan and Fair-trade. It would be great to see Body Shop infuse this in all their new products in the future.



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