Imperial Leather: Limited Edition

End of Summer Special?

September has finally arrived, and not to say I have been waiting for it, but it brings us steps closer to Autumn! It also means for many others count time for their last minute summer holiday or sunny winter break! And Imperial Leather has decided to drop some new limited edition shower gels 🙂


The first thing I can say about this range is that I LOVE the packaging! Each product has its own unique theme that makes it look fun, colourful and exciting and definitely a holiday pick up! Their new limited edition range has 4 shower gel products.

  • Tropic Like It’s Hot! Pineapple & Coconut Fantasy Icons Shower Gel
  • Let’s Flamingle! Pink Lychee & Raspberry Fantasy Icons Shower Gel
  • Cosmic Unicorn Moon & Sparkles Unicorn Dust Fantasy Icons Shower Gel
  • Mermazing Fijian Water & Lotus Flower Fantasy Icons Shower Gel

I managed to grab my hands on only the first three products at my local drugstore (Superdrug) for the great price of 98p, the RRP for this product is £1.99 (250ml). They are all dermatologically tested, Suitable for all skin types and contain fragrances. Imperial Leather are already well known for releasing bath products that are different from their competitors and always out to mix up new fragrances.


Cosmic Unicorn Moon & Sparkles Unicorn Dust Fantasy Icons Shower Gel.

The unicorn craze doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon and Imperial Leather are all her for it! I was intrigued by this product as it advertised unicorn dust, but actually didn’t state what that is on the front packaging. I’m not to sure on whether I was keen on smelling like a unicorn (even though I don’t know what one smells like) But in the shower this light blissful fragrance was actually very pleasant. It actually contains pink grapefruit, critic Crush and white florals. I wouldn’t say I could smell the grapefruit  so If you prefer a very light floral fragrance shower gels this product is for you.


Tropic Like It’s Hot! Pineapple & Coconut Fantasy Icons Shower Gel

Ok, so this one caught my eye in the store then I found its friends standing beside it. Coconut and Pineapple isn’t a scent you frequently come across for a shower gel. I believe it has a distinctive smell so its either get it right or go home. But I can confirm Imperial got it right! This product smells amazing! If you are someone who loves a tropical/  fruity scents, I highly recommend this. Now that autumn is fast approaching I see myself packing this for a summer winter break or even to an Ibiza closing party than using it at home.




Let’s Flamingle! Pink Lychee & Raspberry Fantasy Icons Shower Gel

Another contender with the fun packaging and catchy name! Unlike the Pineapple and coconut shower gel, Lychee and Raspberry isn’t two flavours or scents I come across often, only in a tart (Yes, i mean food). I would say this product had more of a raspberry / berry scent to it but out of the trio it was  my favourite. The smell may be over-whelming for some people and the scent does last in the shower longer than the other two products, but I’m all here for it. Even post holiday I will be topping up and adding it to my morning regime 🙂



Brandy Thinks?

Overall I am excited to see Imperial Leather switch it up once again! With unpredictable scents, fruits and names its great to see a brand have some fun! I look forward on getting my hands on the fourth scent Mermazing Fijian Water & Lotus Flower Fantasy Icons Shower Gel.The quality of the product is great so for the price paid, its value for your money. It lathers very well, and doesn’t try out my skin. These products can be found in your local drug stores (UK – Boots, Superdrug, Savers and Supermarkets). So if your going away any time soon, or just want to unwind one evening, definitely give these products a go!






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