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Got Some Change?

Adding more water to your shower gel because its about to run out? But really and truly deep down you’re not ready to replace it…

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Its okay we’ve all been there or even currently still doing it. We all need body care products whether we like it or not. Now if you’re frugal with your finances, you’ll probably be the type to hunt for a bargain. But buying these all in one go after pay day can be a bit pocket pitching. For women, our toiletries list is endless e.g Pads, tampons and wipes! But this doesn’t have to be penny pitching at all, it just needs some planning!

This week I was on the mission to price compare some popular bath and body care products on the high street, and this is how it went…

Price Comparison

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My Shopping List

I have normal to dry skin, so my shopping list varies month on month, depending on my mood on trying something new, whats available and price. I prefer popping into a store to buy my toiletries and London is not short of drugstores or supermarkets. The stores I’ve chosen are some of the leading drugstores and supermarkets in the United Kingdom. Many of them do offers eg 3 for 2 or a Mix and Match, but sometimes falling into these “Offers” will cost you more money than “savings”, or an additional third product you didn’t actually need or want.

My BasketScreen Shot 2018-09-25 at 19.06.50.pngSavings

Not every store had all the items on my shopping list (as usual). But clearly we have a winner! With Savers being the cheapest option for 86% of products on my list. Now a savings of £15.66 sounds like a trip to Nando’s! With a full basket at Boots costing £28.02 I’ll be damned if anyone would be willing to pay that. However I must mention I do actively shop at boots as they areEVERYWHERE, but this weeks activity has made me extra aware of price comparison. Let me also mention it wasn’t just the products on my list that were generally cheaper at Wilko and Savers but a majority of other brands such as Garnier, E45, Always and Nivea. Lastly I wasn’t very surprised with the savings ranking but was disappointed in how much my items costs at Superdrug.

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How to Plan

Websites (UK) such as Superdrug, Boots and Wilko display their products on their websites, this also gives me the chance to know if there’s any promotions going on, check my loyalty card points and see if i’m eligible for any free offers. Wilko do a free click and collect in store with no threshold, whilst Superdrug has 10% student discount all year round!

Brandy Thinks

I think everyone can guess where I’ll be buying the majority of my toiletries after this blog LOL! Many of us live busy lives and not everyone has time to plan, but having that spare time to yourself will save you a couple bucks ££! I also recommend purchasing two of your most used toiletries if you find an amazing bargain because in the long run you’re still saving money and that’s what we are here to do!

Superdrug Points Card T&C

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Wilko – Delivery Details

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