Exfoliating Your Body

Body Exfoliating Toys?

Unless you live in the southern hemisphere for many of us winter has ARRIVED! If you’re a bit like me then you’ve tuck your skin away under layers of clothing and will wait till summer to brush up.


But regardless of the season our skin needs some pampering! This week I review body exfoliating accessories, and was very surprised to see how I’ve turned a blind eye to some of them all these years!  Sometimes leave the sponge behind a pick up something new in the shower. Many of us already have the routine of exfoliating our faces, but what about our bodies?

Exfoliating is the removal of dead/ dry skins cells on the surface of the skin and has several benefits such as

  • Smoother skin
  • Helps your moisturiser penetrate better
  •  Increases blood circulation
  • Smoother Knees and Elbows

I picked up 3 new item, the Primark Natural Exfoliator back spread (RRP. £3.50), the Primark Exfoliating Back Brush (RRP. £2.50), the Primark Exfoliating Gloves (RRP £2.00) and lastly the Vanity Planet Body Brush (Set RRP ~ £70.00).


Primark Natural Back Exfoliator Spread and Exfoliating Back Brush

The Exfoliating Back Spread wasn’t a new concept to me, and for those who use an African net bathing sponge, would know the texture can be seen as exfoliator (LOL). The fabric used on this product was disappointing, one side is a smooth fleece material and the other-side has a similar material but a stronger grip. My back didn’t feel exfoliated at all, and when wet the material become too soft to scrub with.

Ratings: 1/5

The Back Brush felt much better on my skin, however i found this very difficult to navigate on my back. Perhaps the handle is too short, or i have awful co-ordination. I would much preferred if the handle length was adjustable, and a changeable brush head. In that case I would opt for a brush that was a much rougher for those with tougher skin. If you have sensitive skin this brush is highly recommended.

Ratings: 1/5

Vanity Planet Body Brush

I’m already in love with the Vanity Brush face brushes, however after getting my hands on the body brush I wish I came across it sooner! As someone who’s been a sufferer of “Backne” (Acne on the back and chest) this brush would’ve been great to use. I did notice shower gels worked best with this brush head then soap bars, and I only found it easier to navigate against my neck and chest and knees. The brush hairs aren’t too tough and doest scratch the skin. Overall my skin did feel smoother and softer after use, but not an accessory i see myself using everyday. If you have normal to sensitive skin this product is more efficient for you.

Ratings: 3/5


Primark Exfoliating Gloves

I want to call these the “Wonder Gloves” because where have they been all of my life! I absolutely love the concept of gloves I can wear in the shower to wash with. The gloves have good grip and I could feel my skin getting a good scrub. This would’ve come extra handing in the summer and during my holidays. The only disclaimer is the gloves come in one size, so if you have large hands these gloves wont fit. They also can be a bit tricky to pop on in the shower once they are wet so i suggest wearing them when dry. I plan on purchasing a second pair to use strictly on my feet for my home pedicure days.

Ratings: 4.5/5

What Brandy Thinks?

Overall I have been disappointed with the quality of some of the products, I feel that  the Primark Natural Back Exfoliator Spreed and the Exfoliating Back Brush would work well for people with sensitive skin. However the Gloves and the Vanity Planet brush is something I would now incorporate in my skin care routine. In the future I would rather feel the texture of the brush before purchasing. I also recommended reading the packaging to see whether the hairs on the brush or gloves are suitable with those with sensitive skin.




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