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3 x Coconut & Vanilla 

We’re back again and on a budget! This week we are reviewing Wilko’s Bath and Body range.


For those of you outside of the United Kingdom, “Wilko” is a homeware and hardware store . Now for many years I’ve noticed their bath and body owned products but never given it much attention. So for £3.25 , I bought a body butter, a shower gel and a body scrub.

My key interest was concluding whether a bargain can give quality.

Shower Gel

Alright, first on my list is the shower gel, I must say this smelt great with a perfect infusion of coconut and vanilla. The transparent thick shower gel comes in a plastic squeezable bottle. In the shower it smelt great, however I needed a few squeezes on my sponge before it lathered enough. The product did not dry out my skin and it left it feeling soft.



Shower Scrub

I appreciate a matching body scrub with any shower gel, and for £1.00, I got just that. The scrub smelt great, and exfoliated my skin okay-ish. For anyone with normal to sensitive skin this product will likely work best for you. If you have hard/ rough skin, this might not do the job.


Body Butter/ Soufflé

My favourite out of the trio, their body soufflé. This has become one of my favourite body creams. The light weight product (non-stick), absorbed into my skin well, and kept it moisturised.  If you need a cheap and quality body butter/ soufflé I 100% recommend this! Only disadvantage is the tub is only 200ml, it would be great if there was an option for  400/500 ml.



Overall, the price you pay is the quality you get, from a brand that isn’t focused on cosmetics or beauty I am impressed with Wilko.

Overall Rating – 3.4/5

Wilko Fruits Body Souffle Coconut and Vanilla 200ml

Wilko Fruits Shower Gel Coconut and Vanilla 250ml

Wilko Fruits Body Scrub Coconut and Vanilla 250ml

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