Welcome to my blogging page! Soap & Some Brandy.

You may be wondering a blog page reviewing soap? Well of course because who else is doing it? (However please direct me if I’m wrong! Lol…).  If you’re someone like me and every fortnight pop over to your local drugstore, picking up your regular toiletries and find yourself trying new products on offer… especially a new shower gel or bath cream! Here’s a place to get your latest reviews.

“Did you know… your head only counts as 7% of your entire body’s surface are? Sounds like the other 93% needs some TLC too!”

I will be reviewing a range of products such as bath creams, shower gels, bath bombs, body scrubs and more! My blog covers from whats new, whats hiding in the market and discussing what may not be so great for your skin. Its all about the soapy stuff on this page! 

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