Sanctuary Spa

The Ultimate Home Spa

I’m back again this week with another blog! With a brand I’ve always wanted to try, Sanctuary Spa!


I got my hands on their home spa mini set, which came with a Body Wash, Hand Cream, Body Scrub and the Wet Skin Moisture Miracle, I manage to get this set during the New Year sale for £6.00! I know right… talk about bargain! I’ve always seen their brand as a “luxury body brand”, and heard good things about their “Iconic fragrance”, so thought it was about time I found out for myself.

Body Wash

Their transparent orange body wash, is infused with essential oils & jojoba beads. It’s now been added to my top 5 favourite shower gels. It lathers very well, and a little goes a long way. This product is vegan friendly, and contains no micro-beads. As moisturising as it is, I have found myself using this shower gel with the body scrub and miracle moisture. RRP £6.00 – Vegan Friendly 



Body Scrub

Their orange coloured beaded shower scrub is infused with natural pumice & essential oils. It felt like most scrubs I’ve used in the past, perhaps I would’ve preferred something a bit more harsh. RRP £6.50 – Vegan Friendly 


Wet Skin Moisture Miracle

The concept of creaming your body in the shower, isn’t very foreign to me as I’ve previously tried it with a failed brand before. But Sanctuary Spa did not disappoint. This super lightly/ runny formula is the best way to end your shower regimen. Applying it to my wet skin was easy, using a generous amount all over. As instructed I didn’t wash it off but simply towel dried myself, and my skin was felt like it had been creamed ( I am not over exaggerating Lol), It felt so soft and smelt amazing. If you want to add something new to your shower or bath routine, I 100% recommend this product. RRP £8.00 – Vegan Friendly 



Hand Cream

This has joined my top 5 favourite hand cream league table. Their hand cream had a refreshing smell which had people on my desk asking what I was using. This light weight, non sticky formula left my hands feeling very moisturised. Pumped with shea butter and almond oil, it’s one I recommend. RRP £6.00 – Vegan Friendly 


Brandy Thinks

Overall for a home mini spa set I really enjoyed using these products. I very much appreciate this set being vegan friendly. Their RRP price is a bit of a stretch for what I’d pay, but for the Body Wash and Wet Skin Moisture Miracle the price is 100% worth it. Here in the UK drug stores such as Boots and Superdrug are constantly doing offers, and currently you can buy this set for £8.00 from most drug stores. I’ll be in incorporating this regime more frequently on holiday and weekends away.


Sanctuary Spa Classic Body Wash 250ml

Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle 200ml

Sanctuary Spa Classic Body Scrub 200ml

Sanctuary Spa Classic Hand Cream 75ml

Wilko Bath & Body

3 x Coconut & Vanilla 

We’re back again and on a budget! This week we are reviewing Wilko’s Bath and Body range.


For those of you outside of the United Kingdom, “Wilko” is a homeware and hardware store . Now for many years I’ve noticed their bath and body owned products but never given it much attention. So for £3.25 , I bought a body butter, a shower gel and a body scrub.

My key interest was concluding whether a bargain can give quality.

Shower Gel

Alright, first on my list is the shower gel, I must say this smelt great with a perfect infusion of coconut and vanilla. The transparent thick shower gel comes in a plastic squeezable bottle. In the shower it smelt great, however I needed a few squeezes on my sponge before it lathered enough. The product did not dry out my skin and it left it feeling soft.



Shower Scrub

I appreciate a matching body scrub with any shower gel, and for £1.00, I got just that. The scrub smelt great, and exfoliated my skin okay-ish. For anyone with normal to sensitive skin this product will likely work best for you. If you have hard/ rough skin, this might not do the job.


Body Butter/ Soufflé

My favourite out of the trio, their body soufflé. This has become one of my favourite body creams. The light weight product (non-stick), absorbed into my skin well, and kept it moisturised.  If you need a cheap and quality body butter/ soufflé I 100% recommend this! Only disadvantage is the tub is only 200ml, it would be great if there was an option for  400/500 ml.



Overall, the price you pay is the quality you get, from a brand that isn’t focused on cosmetics or beauty I am impressed with Wilko.

Overall Rating – 3.4/5

Wilko Fruits Body Souffle Coconut and Vanilla 200ml

Wilko Fruits Shower Gel Coconut and Vanilla 250ml

Wilko Fruits Body Scrub Coconut and Vanilla 250ml

Exfoliating Your Body

Body Exfoliating Toys?

Unless you live in the southern hemisphere for many of us winter has ARRIVED! If you’re a bit like me then you’ve tuck your skin away under layers of clothing and will wait till summer to brush up.


But regardless of the season our skin needs some pampering! This week I review body exfoliating accessories, and was very surprised to see how I’ve turned a blind eye to some of them all these years!  Sometimes leave the sponge behind a pick up something new in the shower. Many of us already have the routine of exfoliating our faces, but what about our bodies?

Exfoliating is the removal of dead/ dry skins cells on the surface of the skin and has several benefits such as

  • Smoother skin
  • Helps your moisturiser penetrate better
  •  Increases blood circulation
  • Smoother Knees and Elbows

I picked up 3 new item, the Primark Natural Exfoliator back spread (RRP. £3.50), the Primark Exfoliating Back Brush (RRP. £2.50), the Primark Exfoliating Gloves (RRP £2.00) and lastly the Vanity Planet Body Brush (Set RRP ~ £70.00).


Primark Natural Back Exfoliator Spread and Exfoliating Back Brush

The Exfoliating Back Spread wasn’t a new concept to me, and for those who use an African net bathing sponge, would know the texture can be seen as exfoliator (LOL). The fabric used on this product was disappointing, one side is a smooth fleece material and the other-side has a similar material but a stronger grip. My back didn’t feel exfoliated at all, and when wet the material become too soft to scrub with.

Ratings: 1/5

The Back Brush felt much better on my skin, however i found this very difficult to navigate on my back. Perhaps the handle is too short, or i have awful co-ordination. I would much preferred if the handle length was adjustable, and a changeable brush head. In that case I would opt for a brush that was a much rougher for those with tougher skin. If you have sensitive skin this brush is highly recommended.

Ratings: 1/5

Vanity Planet Body Brush

I’m already in love with the Vanity Brush face brushes, however after getting my hands on the body brush I wish I came across it sooner! As someone who’s been a sufferer of “Backne” (Acne on the back and chest) this brush would’ve been great to use. I did notice shower gels worked best with this brush head then soap bars, and I only found it easier to navigate against my neck and chest and knees. The brush hairs aren’t too tough and doest scratch the skin. Overall my skin did feel smoother and softer after use, but not an accessory i see myself using everyday. If you have normal to sensitive skin this product is more efficient for you.

Ratings: 3/5


Primark Exfoliating Gloves

I want to call these the “Wonder Gloves” because where have they been all of my life! I absolutely love the concept of gloves I can wear in the shower to wash with. The gloves have good grip and I could feel my skin getting a good scrub. This would’ve come extra handing in the summer and during my holidays. The only disclaimer is the gloves come in one size, so if you have large hands these gloves wont fit. They also can be a bit tricky to pop on in the shower once they are wet so i suggest wearing them when dry. I plan on purchasing a second pair to use strictly on my feet for my home pedicure days.

Ratings: 4.5/5

What Brandy Thinks?

Overall I have been disappointed with the quality of some of the products, I feel that  the Primark Natural Back Exfoliator Spreed and the Exfoliating Back Brush would work well for people with sensitive skin. However the Gloves and the Vanity Planet brush is something I would now incorporate in my skin care routine. In the future I would rather feel the texture of the brush before purchasing. I also recommended reading the packaging to see whether the hairs on the brush or gloves are suitable with those with sensitive skin.




Palmers Cocoa Butter – A Family

Cocoa Buttery!

It’s a family classic! And I’m sure for generations it’s the one brand we’ve always noticed on our mothers dressing table! Palmers Cocoa Butter has been around for over 50 years and best known for their iconic Cocoa Butter Formula! Now over the last few months I’ve noticed their skin and hair care range has EXPANDED! Taking up more space on the shelves at my local drug store!


Unable to get my hands on their entire product range (Trust me if I could’ve I would’ve) I grabbed a few products and gave them a try! Previously, the only sole product I’ve used from them had been the “Original Cocoa Butter Solid Formula”, which I haven’t used for over 10 years! I thought it be great to give them another try from top to toe!


Their hair care range is available in 4 formulas; Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Shea Formula. I grabbed the coconut oil formula set, which came with the Hair Milk Smoothie, Repairing Conditioner and Conditioning Shampoo. The reason I went for the Coconut Oil formula is because coconut oil works very well for my natural 4C hair. This range is also perfect for dry, damaged and or coloured treated hair. It contains vitamin E and the scented oil Monoi.


I must say I didn’t have high expectation but was very impressed and surprised by palmers! The shampoo lathers very very well, stripped away all the dirt but didn’t dry out my hair. It also smelt great, and contains keratin protein to strengthen and repair hair strands.

RRP £2.59 – £5.99

The conditioner had a thick formula, but the easy squeeze bottle made it easier to get the product out. I applied a generous amount to my hair and left it in with a shower cap for 5 minutes. I usually do not leave my hair conditioners in for less than 20 minutes so was impressed to have my hair feeling soft. I do believe if I had left the conditioner in for longer leaving the conditioner in longer (disobeying the directions lol) I would’ve seen better results.

RRP £2.99 – £5.99


Now the hair milk smoothie! I don’t often have my natural hair out, and when I do its usually stretched and tied back. Finding a product that will detangle, nourish, heat protect my hair has always been hard to find. The product does state you can blow dry once applied on wet hair but does not mention it has heat protecting ingredients. The hair milk acts as a form of hair lotion and contains coconut milk to aid detangling and smooth frizzes. I found detangling with this product very easy and blowing (on low heat) didn’t leave my hair feeling dry or burnt.

RRP £3.99 – £5.99



The huge variety of skin care products Palmer now own gives everyone a product that is sure to work for them. As someone who has a lot of plain marks, stretch marks and discolouration on parts of their body, it was important I got the right product. I picked up the massage lotion for stretch marks and a big tub of the Cocoa Butter 24 hour moisture body butter. The difference in consistency texture of these two products is huge, and in the mist of a heatwave I was starting to consider whether I did a stupid thing (lol).

The Massage lotion for Strech Marks was very easy to apply and none greasy, I very much enjoyed using this product for over 2 weeks. The bump bottle makes it easy to get the right amount of product. This product is dermatologist tested and contains argan oil, almond oil, shea butter, collagen and elastin. You can smell the shea butter in this product which has a light scent. It’s recommended to use the product up to 3 times a day and is focused for pregnant women (I’m not pregnant) but for the once a day application my skin felt noruished throughout.

The original solid formula, still has the same smell from what I remember from my childhood. The packaging states up 24 hour moisture and relives dry rough skin. However my exposure to a range of skin products has helped me conclude I’m not a big fan of dense body butters. Having normal to combination skin, the product struggled to absorb through, and felt too heavy. I much prefer the lotion version of this formula. However for someone who has dry feet (Don’t judge me!) this product work wonders, when wearing open toe shoes, I don’t find myself have to re-grease my foot! Perhaps in the winter I’ll give this product another go, but for now I’ll stick to the lotion formula whilst the original solid formula is only going to see my feet! Personally recommend for people with dry skin.

RRP £2.99 – £4.29


Samplesss! I managed to get my hands on these 3 goodies handed to me by Palmers at the Curlfest event.


In the summer it’s nice to have my legs glowing and popping! I picked up the coconut body oil and had my fingers firmly crossed that it was going to ABSORB well in to my skin. The product comes in a 150ml pump bottle and provides “24 hour moisture”. It also contains monoi Oil and Sweet Almond oil to smoothes and comfort skin. I must say even on days where I’ve lightly moisturised, even adding this product on top, I can see a difference. The formula doesn’t feel greasy or sticky which a majority of oils tend to do. It has a light sweet coconut smell. Application would been easier if the product was in a spray bottle opposed to a pump. It does have a shelf life of 24 months, but I know it will come handy all year round!

RRP £4.99 – £7.99

Body scrub of life! I don’t know if this is a “black thing” but when I buy a scrub I need it to SCRUBBBBBB! The cocoa body scrub does a fantastic job, and the reason why I say this is, is because even under the shower it works effectively on my skin. The formula is light weight and smells slightly different to the typical originally Cocoa formula. I will be purchasing more of this until it has a contender against it!

RRP £3.99 – £4.99


Brandy Thinks

Overall I’m glad to see Palmers brining out more products, and actually having these ranges in local drug stores. I’m still adjusting and taking time to understand what makes the products different from one another, But furthermore I will do a further post on some remaining product I plan to sample in the future. The Coconut Oil Hair Milk Smoothie was a great product to use however it would’ve been great to state if it has any heat protecting properties before recommending it can be used for blow drying. The coconut oil body oil would be easier to apply with a spray cap. The one product I did want to get my hands on without ordering from amazon was their soap bar, but UK stores don’t appear to want to stock this -_-.

Overall 4/5 🙂



Palmers : Coconut Body Oil

Palmers : Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Lotion

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo 400ml

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Scrub 200g Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Scrub 200g

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Repairing Conditioner 250ml

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hair Milk Smoothie 250ml

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Original Solid Formula 100g